We are very fortunate to have Stephen Rothwell as our organist

He has produced a book ‘Interludes for Organ’ , published in Dec 2020. Please go to his website for more information and online ordering.

Abridge – from Sunday 28th February

See Hymn 55 in our hymn books – Be thou my guardian and my guide, and hear me when I call:

 ‘Jesus Christus unser Heiland’ by Dietrich Buxtehude.  I have added the chorale text to the video, but full details of this hymn are here .  It seems that in Lent of 1524 was Luther was explaining his views on the Eucharist in a series of sermons.  Further info about Buxtehude here 

‘Erbarm dich mein, O Herre Gott’ (Have mercy on my O God) is a versification of Psalm 51, by J.S. Bach. The tune is set against an accompaniment of repeating chords unique in Bach’s keyboard writing which give it it’s popular name of the ‘heartbeat’ chorale. This projects a sense of almost hypnotic gravitas. The solemn feel is balanced by Bach’s harmonic language, which incorporates certain unexpected turns that suggest hope of divine forgiveness expressed by the psalmist. This sense of forgiveness is also hinted at by the final bar, in which dissonance is resolved peacefully onto a major chord. More detailed Info on the tune is here. Interesting as it gives the English text in Coverdale’s translation of Psalm 51 with all the olde English spellings.

Psalm 51

Jesu Meine Freude – is a hymn in German, written by Johann Franck in 1650. A translation of the hymn is here and more details here . Composer info is here

For 14th Feb
Music from 31st Jan

Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten” (He who allows dear God to rule him) is a 1641 hymn by Georg Neumark, who also composed the melody for it. It has seven verses and deals with the Christian putting their trust in God. – for more – see Wikipage here

He who allows dear God to rule him
Be Still for the Presence of the Lord
I the Lord of Sea and Sky
3 Kings from Persian Lands afar