Church is changing

Dear Friends, 

The doors are now locked, and no-one’s allowed in, but church still carries on – praying, serving, growing.


St James has always been a church at the heart of the community, even if it now stands at the edge of the village geographically. Over 200 years the village has moved from a farming hamlet, to a railway settlement, to the mixed economy it now has, but the Church has remained central. It was built by people from the village, using locally dug up stone. It was extended last century in the same way, and when a church hall was needed, it too was built by hand 30 years ago.

The people of Alderholt and St James are welcoming and inclusive, taking people as they find them, and they are warm, open-hearted, and generous.

We try to be a church for all sorts – we have classic hymns and some newer songs, we use set prayers but also informal ones, we have some very traditional services and some quite experimental ones. What matters most is our relationship with God, and with one another.

Why not try us out?