Lent Talks 2020

I’m afraid we’ve had to suspend these – do listen to the first 2, and I will continue the series when possible

Weds 4th March

The bible is not familiar! We all come from our own perspective to read this book, and our idea of God changes over time. You can’t understand the bible in tiny pieces, you need to see the big picture. It was originally heard, not read. There are some prohibitions about graven images

Weds 11th March

Contestant #2 – Who are you and where do you come from?
The History and Context of the Bible. Telling that Big story from creation to revelation. The other Ancient Near Eastern Texts, and who wrote the bible, and why?

Weds 18th March

First choose your glasses

Different meta-narratives, or ways of seeing the Bible

Weds 25th March

a word means exactly what I want it to mean – Humpty Dumpty

Translation, interpretation, application

Weds 1st April

Losing my religion… beyond Sunday school
Multiple Choice!