Lent 2021

Lent Course – the Greatest Showman

Starting on Weds 24th Feb – a 5 week course based on the hit movie. A copy of the book – “From now on” by Rachel Mann is helpful, but not essential. The clips are below

Lent group – 3rd March – Clip 1
Lent group – March 3rd – clip 2
Lent group March 3rd – clip 3
Lent group March 3rd – Clip 4

We will be doing the course on a Weds – both at 10am and 7:45pm. Zoom codes sent nearer the time. Contact me if you’re not on our mailing list

Online resources

A Lent online Daily resource from CAFOD – here


An online resource for young people

An online calendar for primary age children

Other Lent Books

This year might be the chance we’ve been waiting for  – to actually do something every day in Lent. Here’s a couple of books that might help you (but there are plenty more available):

Opening Our Lives – Trystan Owain Hughes

Daily readings, personal reflection, simple suggestion for prayer or meditation – really about how we can open up lives to God’s presence, his call, his love, will, compassion and hope.

Apprentice to Jesus – Cris Rogers

More workshop manual – following Jesus means doing! Lots of diagrams, questions, measuring progress to spiritual goals – you get the idea!

Alongside – Henry Martin

“To explore how and why Jesus struggled” – from a prison chaplain, full of humour and humanity. Exploring gaps in the gospels, with imaginative questions. This sounds like the one I’ll be using!

Rooted in Love – Sarah Mullally

A conventional Lent book, with 40 short chapters – reading, reflection, action and prayer. Sarah Mullally is the Bp of London, was a Canon of Salisbury Cathedral, and before that high up in the nursing institution. 

A Cross in the Heart of God – Sam Wells

So I include this because Sam was one of my training incumbents and I love everything he writes. This is about different understandings of the crucifixion. If you’ve struggled with why should Jesus die, or conversely with those who struggle to sing “Till on that cross as Jesus died, The wrath of God was satisfied” – this might just be the book to help you understand the other Christian ways of looking at the event that is central to our faith.