St James’ Churchyard is both, a place of beauty and tranquility (with huge value as a wildlife sanctuary), and also a much-valued place of burial for members of our village community. In recent years we have sought to expand the network of paths to facilitate access. It is maintained by church members and other volunteers, with a rota of mowers and weeders through the summer months and an Pg 1 churchyardannual clear-up day at which the fish and chips provided to all helpers never tasted so good!

Each summer we hold a ‘Blessing of the Graves’ service, and close to All Souls’ Day (2nd November) there is a service in Church at which all the recently departed are remembered by name.

Churchyards, and the placing of memorials, are governed by regulations set by each diocese (we are a part of Salisbury diocese.) A short guide to these is available as a leaflet which you can pick up from St James’ Church, and our vicar will be happy to discuss any questions you may have in this matter.